The Westiminster Arts Center is home to all Creative Arts and Technology students. The beauty of this program is that it's teacher and curriculum promote interdisciplinary work. Many times, Music Technology Majors will be working with Animation Majors on each others projects because within the first year of classes every student is given a basic knowledge of every discipline under Westminster's Roof.

Student life in the CAT program is much different than campus life. Creativity never sleeps in the Westminster Arts Center. Faces seem more similar here, and everyone is accepted for who they are and what they create. Great projects come out of the interdisciplinary work created within the CAT program.

As well as great projects, great work ethic and experience for the real world come out of the collaboration experience in the CAT program. With today's creative fields expanding further and further into each other, it is required in the real world to be more knowledgable than just knowing how to play an instrument and use a video camera. The social interactions and networking experienced in college, and in this program mainly, is what makes the Bloomfield College Creative Arts and Technology so successful.


-In Class

____show example of Capstone project

-Out Of Class

____Game Dev Club

____animators, programmers, musicians working together

Clubs :

-Game Dev Club



-Digital Media Studio(required)

____teaches all CAT students skills in photoshop/illustrator/final cut pro

-Intro To Music Technology

____teaches all CAT students use of Pro Tools

---help make every CAT student, no matter what major, know the basics in this competitve work market


-The people you meet in college are future collaberators

-Teachers can help use their connections to find you work

____Cesar Alvarez has sent mixing projects to Bloomfield Music Tech Alumni

-connections! connections! connections!